IPS Splash Wall

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Item number: 02.2006
An IPS game with a funny twist! The IPS Splash Walls will provide a day of fun and ! The... more
Product information "IPS Splash Wall"

An IPS game with a funny twist!

The IPS Splash Walls will provide a day of fun and ! The goal is to hit the spots with your hands as quickly as possible, the game is played by 2 players. Make sure you are the fastest, because if not: a wet surprise is waiting! Above the spots there is a water spray that surprises the loser with a wet shower! A hilarious game that children cannot get enough of.

Set up within 10 minutes

Easily set up the IPS Splash Wall within 10 minutes. Because it is an airtight product, no constant power supply is required. This allows the Splash Wall to be placed anywhere: both inside and outside. The inflatable is easy to transport due to the compact rolled up format. You get the IPS Splash Wall including blower, water tank + hoses and spray installation, anchoring material, transport bag and a clear manual.  You can of course also buy the IPS system and the IPS Switch Box that controls the extra effects from us to make the experience complete! The product has 15 IPS spoholders.

High quality from JB

The JB products are made of strong PVC and top quality. Moreover, they are reinforced and welded on seems. The IPS Splash Wall comes with a 5-year warranty. With this attraction you will surely deliver a great customers’ experience.

Buy this IPS Splash Wall and give your customers a hilarious day!

Unique inflatable attractions in a grand way!

For more than 15 years at JB, we have been making people worldwide jump for joy. Often literally! We are proud of our team of designers, developers and logistics staff, because they deliver unique inflatable attractions in a grand way! Customers are therefore assured of our professional service and delivery. They also call us "creators of greatness."