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IPS Basketball Kids Edition IPS Basketball Kids Edition
€1,950.00 *
IPS Ninja Party IPS Ninja Party
Get your your celebration started with IPS Ninja Party This inflatable IPS attraction will be a fantastic addition to any party and event. Hit the interactive spots faster than your opponent and celebrate the victory with confetti rain....
€1,899.00 *
IPS Tower of Power IPS Tower of Power
Who will stand the longest? Balancing and speed: that's what it's all about in this Tower of Power. Hit all IPS spots and make sure you are the fastest. Did you lose? Then get ready to be thrown off by automatically inflating push off...
€2,995.00 *
IPS Switch Box IPS Switch Box
Make the IPS attractions even more fun with the IPS Switch Box. Connect the Switch Box with the IPS set to add more experience. The Switch Box provides extra fun effects when a winner and loser are determined. You can combine the IPS...
€495.00 *
IPS Spot Covers (resistant to water and heat) IPS Spot Covers (resistant to water and heat)
You surely want the newest IPS attractions in your range. To ensure that the IPS spots are water, foam and impact resistant, you can order these IPS Spot Covers. We offer them in a set of 10 pieces, but they are also available...
€399.00 *
IPS Battle Bunker IPS Battle Bunker
Who will be the winner of the battle in IPS Bunker? The IPS Bunker provides an exciting game, with the interactive spots distributed in the inflatable space. This allows you to challenge the players by running back and forth and hitting...
€1,999.00 *
IPS Water Wars IPS Water Wars
Top game for sunny days: Water Battle ! Water Battle is the ideal attraction for sunny days. Get your water cannons ready and do your best hitting the interactive spots. Don't get distracted by your opponent, otherwise you will lose and...
€2,495.00 *
IPS Game Walls IPS Game Walls
Perfect for indoor playgrounds! These IPS Game Walls are a perfect addition to indoor playgrounds. They are easy to attach with the hanging hooks on the back. This makes it very easy to create an interactive play corner with allows to...
€1,299.00 *
IPS Archery IPS Archery
Ready? Aim ... Fire! Step into Robin Hood’s shoes with IPS Archery. Shoot arrows into the interactive spots and score as many points as possible. Get competitive and battle your rival! Try shooting from different distances and keep track...
€1,295.00 *
IPS Football IPS Football
Scoring a goal has never been so much fun! How well can the players shoot their football? This game will put players’ football skills to the test! Are their shots accurate enough to hit the interactive spots ? The spots indicate on which...
€1,899.00 *
IPS Splash Wall IPS Splash Wall
An IPS game with a funny twist! The IPS Splash Walls will provide a day of fun and ! The goal is to hit the spots with your hands as quickly as possible, the game is played by 2 players. Make sure you are the fastest, because if not: a...
€1,995.00 *
IPS Baseball IPS Baseball
Will you hit the home run ? Take on another player and try to hit as many spots as possible with the baseballs. The great design with a large baseball player in the middle makes it complete. A spectacular game that will entertain young...
€2,185.00 *
IPS Trampoline Walls IPS Trampoline Walls
Perfect for indoor playgrounds ! These IPS Trampoline Walls are a perfect addition to indoor playgrounds. They are easy to attach with the hanging hooks on the back. This makes it very easy to create an interactive play corner with...
€1,299.00 *
IPS Spot Covers IPS Spot Covers
Play outside with IPS! These IPS Spot Covers make it possible to attach IPS spots to anything. So you can also take the game outside and play it anywhere. Attach the covers to trees or posts with spots and the game can begin! Every time...
€399.00 *
IPS Ninja Battle IPS Ninja Battle
Who is as fast as a Ninja? Only the fastest will be the winner of IPS Ninja Battle. With this interactive and super fun IPS attraction you have to hit the IPS spots as quickly as possible to win. You play this game in pairs, but as...
€1,899.00 *
IPS Ninja Splash IPS Ninja Splash
Stay cool and avoid getting soaked in the Ninja Splash! Choose the game mode and battle your opponent, be as fast as you can, and get a chance to stay dry, or lose and get sprayed with water. IPS Ninja Splash is a fantastic fun addition...
€1,899.00 *
IPS Ninja Snow IPS Ninja Snow
Be the quickest or be buried under foam avalanche! With IPS Ninja Snow we add a whole new twist to IPS games: the loser is buried under a load of foam! So think fast and move fast, hit all IPS spots before your opponent does and make...
€1,899.00 *
IPS Ninja The Bank IPS Ninja The Bank
Escape as soon as possible before you get locked up! This IPS game is serious business: escape from The Bank as quickly as possible and avoid getting locked up. Be the first to hit all IPS spots, because if the alarm goes off and you are...
€2,099.00 *
IPS Hit & Run IPS Hit & Run
Test your speed with Hit & Run The IPS Hit & Run is a super fun and active attraction for young and old. Run between the two arms of the inflatable and tap the right spots as quickly as possible. Whether you play against each other, in a...
€1,250.00 *
IPS Pinball IPS Pinball
An interactive pinball machine: IPS Pinball! The IPS Pinball is bright and eye-catching, it is sure to put everyone into a competitive mood. Stand next to each other and do your best to hit the spots. Who scores the most points? IPS...
€1,650.00 *
IPS Basketball Game IPS Basketball Game
Let’s take basketball on a whole new level! Feel like a professional basketball player with this Interactive Basketball Game. Try to hit the spots by throwing the ball through the basket. The spot lights up in your color at the basket...
€2,185.00 *
Shooting Gallery Shooting Gallery
This interactive Shooting gallery is a MUST HAVE. Play this game with 2 or 4 players and battle by hitting as many targets as you can with your nerfgun. You can play this game in seperate themes, by switchable targetsheets. Due to the...
€1,995.00 *
Zap a Mole Zap a Mole
The classic game Zap a Mole is now available in an interactive version! In stead of mole heads coming up, the IPS lights on top of the mole heads will turn on and you have to be fast to hit it with your bat! Try to hit the mole as much...
€1,195.00 *
Interactive arena Interactive arena
Bring your friends together with an out of this world experience! An extraterrestrial, interactive Arena with which you take on your friends and truly find out who is the best. Moreover, you can play this game 1 on 1 or with 2 teams of 2...
€2,850.00 *
Interactive Challenge Table Interactive Challenge Table
Especially for IPS we have developed this game table. There are 17 spot holders on which the interactive spots can be installed. Play this game ideally with two people (one against one, red against green), but it can also be played with...
€1,495.00 *
Interactive table Green/Black Interactive table Green/Black
Snoopy, pleasure-seeking kiddos who also want to join in on the amazing interactive playsystem will love this incredible inflatable, which is especially made for them. In addition, the inner kid in adults rise up out of their shell and...
€695.00 *
Interactive Boarding Interactive Boarding
Get involved with this active Interactive boarding challenge!! This unique inflatable is interactive, fun and is great for teambuilding! The Popular Interactive Boarding Challenge Firstly, the Interactive Challenge is amazing and perfect...
€1,495.00 *
Back to Base Back to Base
Accordingly, this challenging game caters to the development of hand-eye coordination, teamwork and allows for positive competitive sportsmanship. Join the club and be in awe with this massive inflatable! World Famous Back to Base...
€4,990.00 *
Loose spot Loose spot
Upgrade your IPS system with more spots! The IPS system can hold up to 20 spots maximum.
€145.00 *
Mounting kit for bouncy castles Mounting kit for bouncy castles
The spot mounting set is used to permanently install the spot holders in your bouncy castle or attraction. Note: a special glue is used for the spot holders. This product comes with: 10 spot mounting holders 1 brush 1 bottle of super...
€85.00 *
Carrying Case Carrying Case
Mobile IPS case with fold-out legs, handle and closing hinges. This IPS carrying case is excluding game system.
€225.00 *
IPS charger IPS charger
The charger has 11 connections and is therefore suitable for 10 spots and the scoreboard.
€79.00 *
Interactive Bungee run Interactive Bungee run
Gander at this cool, unique and amazing Bungee-run with the Interactive PlaySystem! Get competitive with this awesome bungee-run and try to tap as many of your lights as you can. Interactive Bungeerun This inflatable will challenge your...
€3,650.00 *
Interactive Bouncy Castle Standard Interactive Bouncy Castle Standard
The standard bouncy castle is the most common model available. This bouncy castle has a roof, making it ideal for both the rain and shine. This standard inflatable castle is part of the special interactive product line. Play one of the...
€1,985.00 *