What is the Interactive Play System?

The Interactive Play System is a mobile play system consisting of a score panel and 10 touch-sensitive spots that are equipped with light and sound. The spots are wirelessly connected to the scoreboard and different games and themes can be played. A standard mobile kit for bouncy castles is supplied in a convenient carrying case. IPS for playgrounds comes complete with a customized theme cloth. 
Interactive play system consists of 3 interactive games and 10 themes. The IPS system can be used for bouncy castles and playgrounds.

What are the games and themes?

With IPS, you can play 3 interactive games and 10 interactive themes that are selected on the control panel by pressing one of the icons.

A game turns your game attraction or wall into a challenging game arena. You nee a minimum of two players to play a game. The players are split up into a red and a green team, and each must touch as many spots of their own colour as possible during the game. Each game has its own background music, and when you touch a spot, it produces a laser sound. The score is automatically updated on the scoreboard. The game lasts 45 seconds, after which the winning team is announced on the scoreboard and by the lamps. The following games are available: Game 1: Light Hunter, Game 2: Steal the Light and Game 3: Back to Base. Click here for the tutorial.

The themes of the Interactive Play System are interactive without the competitive element. A theme is a combination of light, music and sound. Each theme has its own background music. The spots go on randomly in different colors. Once a spot has been touched, it produces a sound that fits the theme. The children listen for all the sounds! IPS has the following themes: princesses, pirates, sea, jungle, castle, cowboy, farm, disco, or circus.

How do I mount the Interactive Play System in my inflatable attraction?

The Interactive Play System is designed to make it easy for anyone to fasten the game system to any bouncy castle or attraction. To use the Interactive Play System in your bouncy castle, you only require the spot holders where the spots are screwed in. These are available in 10 different themes to match the look of your bouncy castle.

The spot holders only need to be glued into your bouncy castle once, after which you can rent out the bouncy castle with (or without) the Interactive Play System. Glueing the spot holders in is very simple. You can easily do it yourself using the instructional video below, but we could obviously help you as well.  

Video tutorial

You can now rent out your bouncy castle with the Interactive Play System. The Interactive Play System is mobile and developed for the professional rental market. It is also extremely easy to use. The customer can easily and quickly screw in the spots and start playing!

How do I attach the Interactive Play System in my playground or play area?

IPS is easy to install yourself. Use the website to enter the dimensions of the wall or play structure. Choose the theme that matches your playground and order IPS via our website. 
IPS is a low investment and, moreover, takes up no extra space!  IPS can be implemented in any type of play structure. Will you be installing your game system in your Playground, ball pool, soft play corner or trampoline cage? Watch the following video for the explanation:

Video tutorial

The Interactive Play System is ideal for intensive use and, moreover, is safe and child friendly. It is also extremely easy to use. Choose a game or theme and start playing!

Ordering and delivery

What are the payment options?


If you own a Dutch debit card, you can pay your online order directly with iDeal. 
If you choose iDEAL as a payment option, you will be prompted to select your bank. You can then pay electronically in the secure environment of your own bank. Finish your order safely, quickly and easily by paying with PayPal. 

Paypal & Credit Card


Credit Card
To use the Credit Card payment method, you must be in possession of a VISA, MasterCard or American Express Credit Card. To complete the payment, you need the information listed on your Credit Card: your credit card number, expiration date and validation code. If you have created extra security in the form of a password, you will also be asked for your password.

You can make the payment safely in a secure environment. Upon payment, you confirm the placed order and agree to the terms and conditions. The amount is debited from your credit card on the delivery date of your order.

For large orders or custom orders we offer the possibility to pay your order invoice. You will receive a pro - forma invoice. Your order will be delivered as soon as possible after receiving the payment. This payment option is not available at the online completing your order . Please contact us.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free where specified as such.

What is the delivery time?

The stock item will be sent as soon as payment has been received. Shipping is by courier. (TNT Express or DHL) In the case of customized products and products that are not in stock, we will specify the expected delivery time. Please feel free to contact us with questions or for urgent deliveries.

Once your package has been shipped, you will be kept informed of the delivery status. You will be informed about the date and time of delivery.

How do we ship the Interactive Play System?

Interactive Play System is shipped by TNT within Europe. 

Once your package has been shipped, you will be kept informed of the delivery status. You will be informed about the date and time of delivery. It is also possible to pick up your order at our site in Meppel.

Do you also deliver abroad?

All Interactive Play Systems BV products can also be delivered abroad. Simply specify the desired country of delivery in the ordering process. 

Right of withdrawal and return

Right of withdrawal
In the Netherlands, you have the right to cancel online purchases. This means you can return the product within 14 days of receipt. You must notify us of your request to terminate the purchase contract within 14 days of receipt. You are bound to make this known to us within the grace period via the contact form.


If you do more with the products than simply evaluating them (to see if you want to keep it) and thereby cause damage to the product, you will be liable for this loss. You may evaluate/use the products like you can in a store.

Please note: The right of withdrawal does not apply to custom orders.

The returned product should be returned to us and be in our possession within 7 days after notification. You can return your purchase yourself or return it by post. If required, we can schedule an appointment with you to have our carrier pick up your purchase. You are responsible for the returned product until it is in our possession. The costs incurred to return your purchase are also for your own account. 


What are the warranty conditions?

We offer a standard two-year warranty on our products. View the General Terms and Conditions here.

My article was broken upon receipt. What now?

It is very annoying to receive an article that is not in perfect condition. All our products are inspected for damage before shipment. Obviously it is possible for damage to occur during transport. Naturally, we will always offer you an appropriate solution.

We ask you to verify the order at the time of receipt and, if you encounter damage, please take a picture of the damage immediately. You must then contact us within 7 days of receipt, indicating what has been damaged.

We will treat your complaint and get in touch with you as soon as possible. We will respond to your complaint within 2 business days and provide you with a suitable solution within 5 working days if we have a clear picture of the damage.

IPS does not work properly? What now?

Please check the following points before contacting us:

-          Are the batteries of the spotlights and control panel charged,

-          Is the charging indicator visible during charging,

-          Are the spots within a radius of 20 meters from the control panel,

-          Check whether the spots are connected to the scoreboard; this is done by keeping the configuration button, C, pressed in. 

If all the above points apply and the failure persists, the IPS set will need to be reset. Please contact us, and we will guide you through the process. 

Maintenance and Storage

Please note the following aspects:


The set can be recharged regularly, even when the battery is not completely empty. We do not recommend storing the set with a fully discharged battery. In addition, it is also not advisable to keep the set unused for long periods. The set must be activated and charged once every three months if not used.


The IPS set should be kept in a dry place.

My warranty has expired but the product is broken. What now?

How annoying that your product has been damaged. We offer repair services. Please contact us to discuss the available options for your specific damage. You can also order all the IPS parts separately, so you won't need to buy a whole new set. In some cases it will be easy to remedy the damage, but it may be more economical to replace the part in question. We would like to do this with you contact.


Do you have a showroom?

Interactive Play Systems is based in Meppel. This is where our office, warehouse and showroom are located. Our products are available in our specialinteractiveshowroom. We'll happily give you a tour to show you the many features of the Interactive Play System.

I would like to place an order. Do I have to create an account?

You are not required to create an account. Feel free to check out as a guest. We do, however, offer you the opportunity to create an account.

Creating an account is easy and completely without obligation. The benefit of having of an account is that you can place your order more easily and track the status of your order after ordering. And you won't need to fill in your information again and again for each new order. You can also track the status of your payment and shipping, and you can change your information.

All administrative information that we will need from you, such as name, email, address and phone number(s), will be kept confidential and never be disclosed to third parties. We treat your information confidentially and with the utmost care.

I forgot my password - I cannot log in. What now?

Forgotten password
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Not received an email? You do not have an (active) account. Please contact us, we will sort everything out for you.

Login does not work
Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure whether you have an account or if you can't log in. We will check it out and make it work for you.

I have a complaint. How do I let you know?

We find it very annoying when you are not satisfied and have a complaint about the product or about our services. We find it even more annoying not being aware of this and therefore not being able to provide you with a solution.

We would like to hear from you if you are not satisfied with our products or services. You can let us know by contacting us by phone, email or chat. We will do our best to deal with your complaint as soon as possible and offer you a suitable solution.