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Ready? Aim ... Fire! Step into Robin Hood’s shoes with IPS Archery. Shoot arrows into the... more
Product information "IPS Archery"

Ready? Aim ... Fire!

Step into Robin Hood’s shoes with IPS Archery. Shoot arrows into the interactive spots and score as many points as possible. Get competitive and battle your rival! Try shooting from different distances and keep track of the score with the IPS system. IPS Archery is fun for young and old!

Easy to use with IPS set

Our IPS attractions can be set up quickly in around 10 minutes. Furthermore, they are also easy to transport because they are delivered compact as a single unit. Install the IPS spots after inflating and you can start! You can of course purchase the IPS set from us to offer a complete experience.

High quality PVC

JB inflatables are made from strong, high-quality PVC that is easy to keep clean. The inflatables are strengthened and stitched on multiple points. This durable inflatable comes with a 5-year warranty. With this product you can give a super fun experience to your customers!

Buy the interactive IPS Archery and give your customers the day of their lives!

A household name for more than 15 years!

At JB we have been making people worldwide jump for joy for more than 15 years. Our team of designers, developers and logistics staff delivers unique inflatable attractions in a grand way! Thanks to them, our customers are assured of our professional service and delivery. They also call us "creators of greatness."

Set offer!

We offer the IPS Archery as a set for $3095 instead of $3490!

The IPS Archery consists of:

Inflatable of $1495
IPS Set incl. 10 spots of $1995
Not including Bow and arrow

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