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Zap a Mole Zap a Mole
The classic game Zap a Mole is now available in an interactive version! In stead of mole heads coming up, the IPS lights on top of the mole heads will turn on and you have to be fast to hit it with your bat! Try to hit the mole as much...
$1,595.00 *
Shooting Gallery Shooting Gallery
This interactive Shooting gallery is a MUST HAVE. Play this game with 2 or 4 players and battle by hitting as many targets as you can with your nerfgun. You can play this game in seperate themes, by switchable targetsheets. Due to the...
$2,385.00 *
Interactive arena Interactive arena
Bring your friends together with an out of this world experience! An extraterrestrial, interactive Arena with which you take on your friends and truly find out who is the best. Moreover, you can play this game 1 on 1 or with 2 teams of 2...
$2,850.00 *
Interactive table Green/Black Interactive table Green/Black
Snoopy, pleasure-seeking kiddos who also want to join in on the amazing interactive playsystem will love this incredible inflatable, which is especially made for them. In addition, the inner kid in adults rise up out of their shell and...
$750.00 *
Interactive challenge table Interactive challenge table
Especially for IPS we have developed this game table. There are 17 spot holders on which the interactive spots can be installed. Play this game ideally with two people (one against one, red against green), but it can also be played with...
$1,750.00 *
Back to Base Back to Base
Accordingly, this challenging game caters to the development of hand-eye coordination, teamwork and allows for positive competitive sportsmanship. Join the club and be in awe with this massive inflatable! World Famous Back to Base...
$5,800.00 *
Interactive Boarding Interactive Boarding
Get involved with this active Interactive boarding challenge!! This unique inflatable is interactive, fun and is great for teambuilding! The Popular Interactive Boarding Challenge Firstly, the Interactive Challenge is amazing and perfect...
$1,650.00 *
Loose spot Loose spot
Upgrade your IPS system with more spots! The IPS system can hold up to 20 spots maximum.
$155.00 *
Mounting kit for moonwalks Mounting kit for moonwalks
The spot mounting set is used to permanently install the spot holders in your bouncy castle or attraction. Note: a special glue is used for the spot holders. This product comes with: 10 spot mounting holders 1 brush 1 bottle of super...
$100.00 *
Carrying Case Carrying Case
Mobile IPS case with fold-out legs, handle and closing hinges. This IPS carrying case is excluding game system.
$235.00 *
IPS charger IPS charger
The charger has 11 connections and is therefore suitable for 10 spots and the scoreboard.
$85.00 *
Interactive Bungee run Interactive Bungee run
Gander at this cool, unique and amazing Bungee-run with the Interactive PlaySystem! Get competitive with this awesome bungee-run and try to tap as many of your lights as you can. Interactive Bungeerun This inflatable will challenge your...
$4,250.00 *
Interactive Moonwalk Regular Interactive Moonwalk Regular
The standard bouncy castle is the most common model available. This bouncy castle has a roof, making it ideal for both the rain and shine. This standard inflatable castle is part of the special interactive product line. Play one of the...
$2,300.00 *